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Jiangsu Biochemical Chirotechnology Research Center

"Jiangsu Biochemical Chirotechnology Research Center" (the "Center") was co-established by
Changmao Biochemical Engineering Company Limited (the “CMBEC”) and Chinese Academy of Sciences Chengdu Institute of Organic Chemistry in 1998, and was approved by Science and Technology Committee of Jiangsu Province in October 2000.

Over 15 million RMB has been invested and make it the base of CMBEC research and developing center. The center is built with analysis and test center, chiral synthesis laboratory, biochemical enzyme laboratory, splitting laboratory for scientific research and pilot workshop for trail production study.

40 employee works for the center, including 10 professors and 9 phD tutors. The center is equipped with high-tech analysis and detection machines, which strongly support the tech teams.

The Center is global standard as a public laboratory. Providing assistance of professional employees, is open to colleges, institutes and other companies for R&D projects.